My gambling experience

I have been gambling in casinos for over 40 years, I guess you could say it has been my hobby as well as my passion, next to taking in a baseball game or spending time with my family there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. I am as much at home in a casino as almost anywhere else.

Having said that, I am NOT addicted to gambling or obsessed with it to the point that it interferes with anything else going on in my life. I have always treated it as a recreational hobby. I have never gambled the rent money nor ever taken more than I could afford to play. I consider myself a responsible gambler.

Now that doesn’t mean that on those occasions when I have had a losing session that it didn’t hurt, because sometimes it did, but that is the price you pay as a gambler. And as long as you are working within the framework of recreational hobby and are being truthful to yourself, not taking money that you can’t afford to gamble with, then you are being a responsible gambler too.

However, there is a much larger problem out there with those that are obsessed and/or addicted to gambling, those that gamble the rent money and beyond. For those people The Gambling Mind and tHE bIG pOSSUM highly recommend they seek help.

There are several web sites that are a good starting place for those that are or know someone in need of help. And even the casinos themselves can and will help if you or someone you know needs help, don’t be afraid to ask.

I developed a game plan that included what to do when and where, things like when to take a break, when to walk away, when to stay, where to play, what to look for, just to mention a few.

And over the years fined tuned all of that to the point I became a pretty good at the casino table games and am now a mentor for many a successful casino gambler and have even authored a few books.

Know your play. Know your way.