Donkey Kong Show

I had a kind of child crush on bunny rabbit actually, she was just lovely. Bunny Rabbit: But I still have something a robot will never have. A mind and a heart of my own. Strider: Feel free to check out my “Worst Cartoon Endings” if you’re worried about the show’s sad cancellation. Sally: You were really great today! Sonic: Thanks, what about yesterday? And the third worst video game cartoon is… “Donkey Kong Country!” And oh boy, this show will make you go… bananas! (Rim shot) Heh heh. (Sighs) This animated series is very loosely based on the “Donkey Kong Country” video game And it’s honestly one the most bizarre, and *strange* experiences I’ve ever experienced through a cartoon! Donkey Kong: (Singing) If you want a thrill, try the best online casinos for usa players! Strider: Just the CGI motion capture itself is *really* strange looking today’s standards.

But again, I can’t hate it because I can’t help but crack up when I see it! (Characters singing in background audio) Strider: I mean, just look at these characters! (Singing becomes foreground audio) Ooooh! A road to suc-cess! Strider: You can’t take these goofy characters seriously! Somehow going from games to TV, we’ve gone from a silent Donkey Kong, to a Donkey Kong who just won’t stop talking! Donkey Kong: Or don’t you remember? I’m gonna be the leader of Kongo Bongo Island someday! The Crystal Coconut said so! Pompous Kong: Coconut, Schmoconut! Strider: When these games transition I think there’s often that dilemma of choosing whether to make a game character talk or not Unfortunately, in this case, it *backfired*! Donkey Kong: I’m blown away, Candi! Strider: And when Donkey Kong was able to talk, it just destroyed his character! The stories are about as coherent as a fever dream, the characters are at best bland, and at worst, incredibly irritating! Diddy Kong: Bad news, DK, looks like Cranky’s all out of bananas!

Get this story: Donkey Kong and his menagerie of deformed clones try to keep control of the *Crystal Coconut!* Donkey Kong: And instead of sitting around,  waiting for the Crystal Coconut’s prophecy to come true… Strider: Some Deus ex Machina that can conveniently do whatever the plot demands! I mean, it’s so ridiculous, it does give you a chuckle every so often. But it’s more a chuckle because it’s so bad and cheesy! We get all sorts of weird episodes, like “Bad Hair Day,” where Candi Kong gets kidnapped and King K. Rool makes a robot version of her to trick DK to give her the Crystal Coconut. Robo-Candi: You don’t know your own strength, Donkey Kong. We’ll have to fix that! Strider: Like something like “The Room,” it’s a show that’s fun to watch with a friend because you’re both marveling and laughing at what a train wreck it is But I, myself, wouldn’t watch it alone. And the third *best* video game cartoon is… (Gunshot and metal jingle going off) Tracer: Psst! What you looking at? Strider: “Overwatch,” the animated shorts.