Best Video Game Cartoons

And the second best video game cartoon is… (Singing with intro) Earthworm Jim! Through he can crawl! Earthworm Jim! A super suit did fall! (Talking) Ahh, good old Earthworm Jim! He was based off the SNES/Genesis game. And it was really memorable! I still remember that intro! How did something like an Earthworm get a cartoon? Well, never will you see an Earthworm get so much of a personality! Jim: You know what this means, Best Buddy! Oh yes! (Eyes creak and expand) ROAD TRIIIIP! (Mild echoing) Strider: It probably helps he’s voiced by the talented Dan Castellaneta a.k.a. Homer Simpson. We also get Jim Cummings, the voice of everything almost. Jim Cummings fish: Release, the TOI-Oi-LET PAPER! Strider: We also get a character named Peter Puppy who becomes Jim’s sidekick and best friend. Puppy: You think I’m getting *FAT* Don’t you? Fat like a kettle drum! Jim: Get off my back, Dog BOY! Strider: And Princess What’s-Her-Name, his love interest. No, no, that’s not just me being lazy, that’s *really* her name! We get tons of the memorable villains from the first two games appear in the show too. Most of the episodes involve the villains trying to steal Jim’s super suit.

Other times, the villains will try to rule, destroy, or freeze the universe, and try to cause general mayhem around the galaxy. I like the short side stories we get, generally featuring the villains do a more natural part of their lives. It’s like when we see Mojo Jojo go get his eggs. It’s fun seeing the bad guys be normal for once! Psy-Crow goes through a career change, Professor Monkey-For-A-Head attends Group Therapy; it’s very tongue-in-cheek and refreshing. And of course, at the end of the episode, Jim, or any other character, will be crushed by a cow. Evil Cow: You fools, I shall destroy you all! Starting with the lactose intolerant! Strider: Earthworm Jim’s a fun ride, and a fantastic adaption. I definitely recommend it. (Theme song ends) Jim: Ga-roovy! And now before we get to number 1, just a few quick honorable mentions. “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures” This show is weak, but it had a decent over-arching story about Pac-Man finding his parents. And the animation was very colorful and vivid as well.

Over-all, I though it was okay. “Team Fortress 2: Meet Them All” And a bit like Overwatch’s cinematic shorts, this was a great way to introduce characters to new players. Or just people interesting in the franchise. The series is just a bunch of short videos dedicated to the characters, displaying their rather vivid personalities and unique tactics. Pokémon. And yeah, the game did come before the anime, you can actually tell from the start of the first episode. (Red/Blue instrumental variant plays) This does deserve its own spot, because Pokémon is freakin *HUGE*! It’s the longest running video game cartoon in the world! But I tend to think most people tend to think most people have said their opinion whether they like Pokémon or not, so I decided to give it a skip.