Overwatch Animated Shorts

A while ago, Blizzard released several CG animated shorts to help promote their game “Overwatch.” Not many people in the cartoon community talked about it, I guess they fall more into the gaming category. Eh, let’s talk about them anyway! Interestingly, the “Overwatch” animated shorts are canon taking place in the same continuity as the video game. (Gorillia roars as fanfare plays) (Rapid gunfire) (Tracer giggles) Strider: They actually really contribute to the story, allowing people, like me,  who don’t play the games, to enjoy the shorts and learn about the characters Man: Get’cher cannon fixed! Woman: I’m hit! (echoes) Woman on screen: We barely won last time Strider: However with a  video game, the story is instead handed out through environments and character quips. Blizzard gives these shorts a real cinematic tilt! The music, as well, is really grandiose, and really helps you get into the action of the shorts. Hell, the episode “The Last Bastion” won an award! It’s a shame there isn’t more of these available, as the few there are really left me wanting to see more of these stories and  characters. I’d love to see Netflix give a full animated series to something like this. Tracer: Mind if I crash another party, luv?

And the second worst video game cartoon is… “Mega Man: Fully Charged” Augh! What a waste! This could’ve actually been *fun!* I don’t know if it could’ve been revolutionary, a Mega Man cartoon has the potential to at least be interesting! I still remember that one from the 90’s. Theme song: Super fighting robot! … MEGA MAN Strider: The team for this actually looks pretty promising. We have *Man of Action!* The creators of Ben 10 and Generator Rex. But I guess even the most talented individuals can inadvertently make a few flops. Or in this case… More a “careening train wreck explosion.” Mega Mini: Mega Mini! MEGA MINI! Mega Man: Don’t I have a loose circuit board or something for you to fix? Strider: The series follows Aki Light, a.k.a. Mega Man! But now, he’s a school boy. I guess the executives thought “Mega Boy” sounded off somehow. Unfortunately, Mega Boy and all the other characters come off as bland and really uninteresting. Even the colourful robot bosses from the original games have no real incentive to exist! I mean, in one episode, Fire Man comes down to burn the school! Despite having absolutely no reason to even be there to do so! But the most annoying character of all is… Mega Mini! One of those “wonderful” side characters that never stops talking.

The plot bending to his will in order for him to give us incredibly bad jokes Mega Mini: Fire Man? Where’s your hoses? Where’s your truck? Where’s your spotted dog!? Strider: And these CGI models just look like something out of a Happy Meal toy box! I mean just look at Mega Man here! He looks like something out of some 3rd Party rejected Nintendo 3DS junk pile! And for some reason, it feels the need to keep transitioning from CGI to Pixel Art. Because, well, I guess pixelated means stylish and edgy? The dialogue’s cheesy, the fights are a bore, I guess there’s nothing harmful in it for occupying younger viewers? But almost everything on Cartoon Network is *far* superior quality to this!